About Us


For CMOs with more than enough to do and less than enough capacity, &Walter is the first-call resource with the strategic experience and organizational flexibility to get things done right.

Do you have a major marketing initiative? Do you need a tactical surrogate to get through a time or staff crunch? An advisory relationship? Or just a second opinion? When adding &Walter to your team, you get high-level counsel and collegial collaboration that deliver real results.

We are not your usual marketing consultancy – we don’t just come in, generate a strategic recommendation, and leave an invoice. We are a brand and marketing strategy consultancy that implements compelling strategies combined with optimized implementation that generates business transformation.

We’ve spent our careers generating game-changing outcomes on the agency and client sides: in the financial services, healthcare, software, life science, food/beverage and consumer products industries. We’re strategists and facilitators who have been on the marketing frontlines. We work with you and your internal marketing organization to get it done right.

Today, with most CMOs handicapped by structural gaps in their organizations, these challenges can be overwhelming. Next time you’re feeling it, talk to us. Our insights, follow-through and collaborative style will maximize your organization’s brilliance and bring you the results you want. We can create the right team of professionals to help you figure it out.