Fast Marketing Insights™

&Walter is pleased to offer Fast Marketing Insights. A unique online qualitative research product that allows clients to obtain more effective insights faster and at a lower cost than traditional qualitative research such as focus groups.

Fast Marketing Insights combines the skills and expert domain knowledge of &Walter associates combined with the power of the Internet to provide actionable strategies and executions.

It’s the proven choice for marketers looking for a better alternative to traditional qualitative research methods.

Fast Marketing Insights benefits:

Faster Turnaround. Research projects are accomplished in real time leading to quicker turnaround unlike traditional research which requires spacing respondent groupings/interviews over time due to the need to be in different geographic locations.

Worldwide Reach. Fast Marketing Insights are conducted with respondents across time zones and in multiple countries.

Better Sampling. Unlike most in-person research which is typically conducted in a few major urban markets, Fast Marketing Insights can be conducted in smaller and rural markets.

Minimal Respondent Bias. Fast Marketing Insights better represents the prospective target audience as it is easier to get the right respondents in places where they can participate with minimal disruption to their lives versus having to travel to a facility.

Thoughtful Responses. Respondents have more time to reflect on their responses which leads to more thoughtful and in-depth comments.

Digitally Adapted Techniques. Fast Marketing Insights uses a password protected environment in which the moderator controls all of the stimuli that is shown to respondents. Video, concept statements, package design, or creative concepts can be easily presented. In addition, &Walter has developed a number of projective techniques and exercises to elicit deeper responses.

Lower Cost. There are no expensive travel costs or facility rental fees.